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Aridus Industries CROM – Pre-Order

Aridus Industries has opened pre-ordering for their upcoming CROM – Co-witness Ready Optic Mount. This mount is designed to mount an Aimpoint Micro on Remington shotguns or the popular Beretta 1301 Tactical. There are certainly other Aimpoint mounts available for shotguns but the CROM has a unique feature that sets it apart. The mount has a windage adjustable ghost ring sight built in that can be co-witnessed with the red dot sight.

Check out the CROM at Aridus Industries.

Sneak Peek: Aridus Industries 870 to Beretta 1301 Stock Adapter

The Beretta 1301 might be the best defensive shotgun on the market right now but the only aftermarket company that seems to know that is Aridus Industries. There is currently very little in the way of aftermarket support for the 1301 especially as it pertains to buttstocks but there might just be a fix for that soon.

The image above gives us a sneak peek of what might be Aridus Industries’ next new product. It’s a an adapter that allows 1301 owners to mount Remington 870 stocks like the excellent Magpul SGA stock on their 1301. It may work for any 870 stock, but as you can see, it blends the contours of the Magpul stock to the receiver perfectly and adds very little to the length of pull.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.


Aridus Industries Aimpoint Micro Mount for Beretta 1301

If you want a shotgun for defensive use, you would be hard pressed to beat the Beretta 1301. If you want an optic to use on that shotgun, you would be hard pressed to beat an Aimpoint Micro. It looks like Aridus Industries has a plan to let you do just that.


They gave us a sneak peek at a prototype optic mount for the Beretta 1301. It allows the user to mount an Aimpoint Micro and uses what appears to be an XS Sight Systems rear ghost ring assembly to co-witness with the Aimpoint. The prototype is machined from 6061 aluminum and obviously left in the raw. Aridus Industries states that the design still need some tweaking and there will likely be changes before it is offered for sale.

Learn more: AridusIndustries.com

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