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Visit Andy’s Leather at the NRA Annual Meeting

Andy’s Leather will be exhibiting at the NRA Annual Meeting in booth 4305. There will be belts, slings, and holsters on hand for purchase. If you have never tried a Ching Sling, Rhodesian Sling, or CW Sling, this is your chance as there will be plenty on hand to try before you buy at an NRA Discount.

andys leather 2 point standard andys leather shop

Andy’s Leather 2 Point Standard Rifle Sling Sale

Andy’s Leather 2 Point Standard Rifle Sling is on sale. This sling is one of the most versatile slings that Andy’s Leather offers. It can be used like a standard carry sling or a CW sling. If you are unfamiliar with the CW sling concept, think Ching Sling but without a rear attachment point and you will have the general idea.

andys leather 2 point standard

These slings are affordable to begin with and especially affordable when they are on sale. $35 gets you a handmade sling with brass hardware and thick bridle leather. The buckles that Andy uses for these are the same as those he uses on his Rhodesian and Ching slings. They hold tightly but adjust easily, making it easy to set your length and forget it.

The slings are available in 1″ and 1.25″ widths, three different colors, and with a variety of hardware finish options. Check out the 2 Point Standard Rifle Sling at Andy’s Leather.

The Coolest Freebies You’ll See All Day – Andy’s Leather Shop 1911 Bumpers

I have picked up a few items from Andy’s Leather Shop over the years and there are always a few extra things tucked into the box. Andy has inventive ways using his leather scraps which he then tucks into orders for his customers to enjoy.

The coolest of the freebies are the leather 1911 magazine bumpers that he drops in the box. The thick leather pads can be glued to the base of a 1911 magazine to aid in seating the magazine and help cushion it’s fall during mag changes. The leather he uses is thick and resilient so they last a long time. These are a heck of a lot more classy than a thick black plastic bumper.

andys leather 1911 basepads

Andy used to sell these and would even mark them with numbers to help you track your mags but they are no longer listed on his site. As far as I can tell now, he just drops a few in every box. I suspect that, if you contact him, he would still sell them and even mark them for you.

Check out Andy’s Leather Shop.

Andy’s Leather Biothane and Cerakote Sling Options

Andy’s Leather is now offering their popular Ching Slings and Rhodesian Slings with Biothane instead of leather and Cerakoted hardware. Biothane is a synthetic leather-like material that is extremely durable and resistant. The Cerakote hardware options are available in OD Green, FDE, and Black.

If you have never tried a Biothane sling, it may be worth checking out. Biothane is inherently “grippy” and can really help lock you in when slinging up for stability. The Cerakote hardware not only looks good but offers a low-glare alternative to traditional brass and nickle hardware.

Check out Andy’s Leather.

andys cerakote andys biothane and cerakote rhodesian

Black Friday at Andy’s Leather Shop

Andy’s Leather Shop turns out some of the finest leather and biothane slings around. He is the source for Ching Slings and the very cool Rhodesian Sling. He also happens to have some Black Friday specials including $10 off some blemished Rhodesian Slings. Just about everything is on sale. On top of that, if you use the code JTT now through Sunday, you will save an additional 20%!

Check out Andy’s Leather Shop.

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