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Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Sling

It is hard to beat a Ching Sling when it comes to field expedient shooting slings. However, some shooters can’t or won’t drill their rifle stock for the second foreend sling swivel that is required to mount Ching Sling. That is why Andy’s Leather now makes the Rhodesian Sling.


The Rhodesian Sling a 2 point carry and shooting sling that requires only a front and rear sling swivel in the traditional mounting locations. It has a large adjustable sized loop in the forward part of the sling that can be used in much the same way as a Ching Sling. You simple drive your support arm through the loop up to the bicep as you shoulder the rifle. Dropping the support arm elbow then draws the sling tight to stabilize the rifle.

Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Sling


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