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Low-Pro Products Stubby Vertical Grip

I have reviewed Low-Pro Products’ Modular Vertical Grip in the past. It is a bomb proof grip with a really innovative integrated wrench feature (see the review for details). It is called the Modular Vertical Grip because it has a threaded tube section that can be removed to convert from a full size grip to a “stubby” sized grip. I basically removed/lost that section since I have no use for a full sized vertical grip and apparently I am not the only one because Low-Pro Products now offers it in a Stubby only version.

It is the same grip with the same great integrated wrench. It just doesn’t come with the threaded tube to convert it to full size and that saves you some money. Check out the Stubby Vertical Grip at Low-Pro Products.

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Thumb Nut Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Bottom Wrench Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Wrench In Use

Low-Pro Products Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire X-Series


IMG_2168Low-Pro Products makes several great rail mounted accessories like optic and light mounts. One of their newest is their Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire X-Series. As you might have guessed by the name, it is designed to mount a Surefire X-Series light, or other rail mounted lights like the INFORCE WML, offset to the rail on which you place the mount.

Their mounts do a great job of keeping the light close to the rail and have a simple and robust, set-screw style mounting interface. The mount interface is also aggressively skeletonized to strike a balance between durability and lightweight.

Check out Low-Pro Products from AMS Machine.


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