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Ameriglo Fiber I-Dot

Ameriglo is now offering what may be the first fiber optic sights with a dot-over-dot configuration. Their Fiber I-Dot sights are available for Glock handguns (sight sets available for all Glocks except the 42/43) and are available in a number of color combinations. These sights feature a .125″ front sight paired with a .150″ wide rear sight notch. The leading edge of the rear sight is squared enough for various one handed slide manipulation techniques.

Ameriglo Fiber I-Dot Sights

New Sights from Kyle Defoor and Ameriglo

Kyle Defoor and Ameriglo have rolled out a new set of sights. The new sights feature similar dimensions to Kyle Defoor’s earlier Ameriglo collaboration sights. The new sights feature a tritium vial mounted lower in the front sight than most shooters are used to. This gives a clean day time sight picture that is closer to all black sights and offers an alternate sight picture that helps compensate for sight offset at short distances.

This is an interesting concept. I like all black sights when possible so I can see the appeal.

Check out the new Defoor sights at Ameriglo. Use code “defoor” to save 20%.


AmeriGlo Customer Service is Top Notch

I recently reviewed the excellent AmeriGlo Hackathorn sights. One thing I didn’t mention in the review was the interaction that I had with AmeriGlo’s customer service.

When I installed the sights I noticed that the rear sight seemed to go into the dovetail easier than I was used to. I use an MGW sight pusher which makes installation a snap, but this was even easier than usual. After the sight was in place, I put my thumb on it and pushed. I could actually move the sight with my thumb.

To troubleshoot, I installed a different AmeriGlo rear sight that I had on hand and found that it fit perfectly so the dovetail was probably in spec. The rear sight must have been slightly undersized which is extremely rare for a part that is machined to such tight tolerances and is not typical of the dozen or more AmeriGlo sight sets that I have installed.

I contacted AmeriGlo via email after business hours and planned to call during the following day. It turns out that the call was unnecessary because AmeriGlo replied to my email early the next morning. They related to me how rare things like this are and said that they would put a replacement in the mail right away. The replacement would have a set screw just in case the dovetail on my G21SF was slightly out of spec.

Dealing with AmeriGlo could not have been easier. I now have a perfectly functional set of sights. AmeriGlo obviously stands behind their sights. I will continue to use AmeriGlo sights for their forward thinking designs, very reasonable prices, and excellent service.

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