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TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard

TDI-Arms is working in conjunction with AK Operators Union to develop a new lower handguard for VEPR FM/VEPR12/Stamped RPK variants. The new TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard works with the Ultimak upper handguard rail and TDI-Arms claims it has no effect on your rifle’s zero since it does not contact the barrel. The VPR-L features M-LOK slots so you can add compatible accessories and a QD sling swivel socket.

Look for the TDI-Arms VPR-L VEPR Lower Handguard to be available in about 25 days. It will retail for under $100.


Definitive Arms Fighter 24 Muzzle Brake

The new Definitive Arms Fighter 24 Muzzle Brake walks a very fine line and pulls it off. This muzzle device is thoroughly modern in terms of function and design but still manages to look traditional on the old AK. It is designed to be “A lighter, shorter, efficient alternative to your classic 24mm brake” and works with both 7.62 and 5.45 AKs.

definitive arms fighter 24 brake

This steel brake features a nitride finish. It is made in the USA so it counts as 1 part toward 922r compliance. At 1.7 ounces, it weighs half of what a traditional steel AK74 brake weighs.

You can check out the Fighter 24 Brake at AK Operators Union.

Manticore Arms and AK Operators Union Collaboration Rail

I have been following AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 for some time now, especially their AK centric YouTube Channel. I have also always kept track of what Sven at Manticore Arms is working on since the introduction of his high quality, affordable muzzle devices. So, when I recently saw that the two parties would be collaborating on an AK rail, they certainly had my attention.


This machined aluminum rail will be available in 3 separate components: the bottom handguard section, the top handguard section, and a cantilevered optic mount that sits behind the rear sight.

The bottom handguard section features the KeyMod attachment system. It should be compatible with a wide variety of AK pattern rifles including those with milled receivers (a small amount of fitting may be required for milled receivers). Best of all, the lower handguard is compatible with any standard upper handguard including the Ultimak. An extended version will be available eventually.

The upper handguard will be available in multiple versions. There will be a railed option and one that can mount an Aimpoint Micro directly for optimal co-witness.

The cantilevered optic mount will also accept Aimpoint Mircos. It attaches to the handguard and places the optic behind the rear sight, just above the dust cover.

Manticore Arms has a very good handle on quality and is also known for being quite affordable. This rail has a ton of potential.

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