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Agawa Canyon Inc. Rebrands as Agawa and Releases Boreal15 and Boreal24 Saws

Agawa Canyon has rebranded as Agawa and launched two new saws in the Boreal15 and Boreal24 as companions to their original product, the Boreal21 folding bow saw.

Agawa Gear’s Boreal saws are among the best folding bow saws on the market. The entire line shares the same features with the difference between models being the size. The new Boreal15 takes a standard 15″ bow saw blade and the new Boreal24 takes a standard 24″ bow saw blade. These, along with the 21″ blade of the Boreal21, are common sizes that can be found in most hardware stores or farm supply stores though the Agawa blades are excellent.

I have owned a Boreal21 for a couple of years now and found it to be excellent. There are a number of features that make these saws stand out. They open in close in seconds without the need to touch the blade at all. They offer a similar amount of clearance to most non-folding bow saws allowing for cuts in large diameter wood. They tension automatically as part of their folding design. The 6063 aluminum frame is light, durable, and rigid. Finally, their slim form when folded completely covers the blade and is easy to slip in a pack. Based on my experience, these are excellent saws.

You can check out the new Boreal15 and Boreal24 at AgawaGear.com.

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