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Voodoo Innovations DI Integral Bolt Group

Piston driven AR-15s have used bolt carrier with integral gas keys for years. Now, Voodoo Innovations, a sister company of Adams Arms, is bringing carriers with integral gas keys to direct impingement AR-15s. Loose gas keys may soon be a thing of the past.


Voodoo Innovations states that these bolt carrier groups are built to the MIL TDP (except, obviously, for the gas key specs) and then given their LifeCoat treatment. LifeCoat is a trade name that Voodoo Innovations uses for a variety of different coatings and treatments depending on the application. In this case, they are claiming that the coating will add durability, lubricity, corrosion resistance, and carbon resistance to the bolt carrier group.

The new Integral Bolt Groups are available in both a standard and low mass version.

Adams Arms Piston Driven .308 Rifles

It is hard to believe that there was a time when shooters didn’t have many choices when it came to AR-10 pattern rifles. Now there are a multitude of manufacturers offering .308 chambered ARs including the newest, Adams Arms (AA).

Adams Arms 308

AA just took the wraps off their .308 chambered complete rifles and they can now be pre-ordered. The first 500 to order before November 15th will have their choice of serial numbers. The new, sub 8 pound rifle features a billet upper and lower receiver. It has greater than 50% parts commonality with an AR-15. There will be 4 models available with prices ranging from $1,329.99  to $2,999.99. I will share details about the 4 models as they become available.

Thankfully, it appears that the rifle will take the SR-25 pattern magazine.

Pre-order at the Adams Arms website.

Adams Arms Manimal Extended Flash Hider

I mentioned the Manimal Extended Flash Hider back when it was being developed in 2012. It was vaporware for a while and I lost track of it. It was brought back to mind during a conversation with an industry friend and I was happy to find that it did finally make it to market.

Manimal Adams Arms

The Manimal Extended Flash Hider occupies a unique space among flash suppressors. It is designed to be long enough to be permanently attached to a 14.5″ barrel to bring it to a legal length of 16″. It is also narrow enough that the gas block and barrel nuts can be passed over the device (as long as the pin and weld are cleanly finished). That means that you can easily swap hand guards without having to remove/destroy your muzzle device.

Check out the Manimal Extended Flash Hider at Adams Arms.

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