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High Tower Armory 10/22 Magazine Coupler


High Tower Armory’s Magazine Coupler is pretty darn slick. It allows you to attach two of Ruger’s ubiquitous BX-1 magazines together without the user of glue like man other couplers. HTA’s coupler uses a clamp that is secured with a small Allen screw. If you ever need to uncouple the magazines in the field, the Allen Key actually rides on-board, tucked away for convenience.

Check out the HTA 10/22 Magazine Coupler.

PWS ARC 10/22 Magazine Release Lever

Image courtesy of PWS.

PWS is venturing into the world of 10/22 accessories with their ARC (Advanced Rimfire Components) series. One of the first ARC offerings is an extended magazine release lever that is different from anything I have seen before. Several companies make extended magazine releases for the 10/22 that make it easier to release the magazine with the support hand, but the ARC Magazine Release Lever allows the user to actuate the magazine release with the firing hand while maintaining a firing grip.

The ARC release runs along the front of the trigger guard and has a wide tab that sits within reach of the trigger finger. The shooter simply extends the trigger finger forward and pushes the lever in order to drop the magazine.The entire lever still looks very compact and PWS claims that the magazine will not release accidentally.

The PWS website has more pictures and details.

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