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BCS APTUM Series – Cummerbund Options

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM PC (plate carrier) system was introduced recently. As part of that release, we are covering many of the available options for this new PC. This installment covers the 3 different cummerbund options that the end user can select based on their mission.

All of the cummerbunds below have elastic panels built in for the wearer’s comfort. They are a direct drop-in fit for the APTUM and may also work for other carriers.

Elastic Cummerbund – The Elastic Cummerbund comes standard on the base APTUM PC but it may also be purchased separately. It features elastic construction with 4 sewn in cells on each side that can accept magazines or similarly shaped items. It is lightweight, slick, and versatile.

GRID Cummerbund – This cummerbund makes use of Beez Combat Systems’ GRID material. It features a series of laser cut slots that create a MOLLE compatible grid. The result is cummerbund that can accept any MOLLE pouch but that behaves like a slick cummerbund when not in use.

Retro-Fit Tubes Skeletal Cummerbund – This is the lightest cummerbund of the three. It accomplishes this via a radical laser cut pattern that removes much of the material while remaining very durable and fully MOLLE compatible. It also comes with a panel that is used to adapt the APTUM to use TUBES for securing the cummerbund.

See all of the available options for the APTUM at

BCS APTUM Series – Plate Carrier

There is a new, adaptable plate carrier on the market as of this morning. The APTUM from Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is now available along with an entire suite of accessories that will let the end user match their mission perfectly. This is the first in a series of posts that will cover the new PC and its related items in depth.

The APTUM™ is an adaptable plate carrier system designed for multi-faceted operations for Military, Law Enforcement and the Responsible Citizen. The carrier is highly scalable and can be configured for low vis operations up to high threat. The front panel design emphasis was on comms/data attachment points and cable management. The APTUM™ accessories line is continually evolving to meet user demands.

The APTUM is constructed from 500D Cordura with HEXCEL in key places and extensive use of BCS’ laser cut GRID material. The result is a plate carrier that is lightweight and low profile but can be easily scaled up for more overt situations and heavier loads.

The front plate pocket features laser cut cable routing and attachment points for chest rig docking. The APTUM has a large upper loop field for attaching patches, ID, or accessories and a lower loop field for accessory mounting. It also features a kangaroo pocket that can be used for mag carriage with the addition of optional accessories. Additionally, it supports the Juggernaut™/Kagwerks smartphone attachment system.

The APTUM comes with the Covert back plate pocket. Additional backs are available. The Covert back has a mostly slick design. The large loop field allows for patches or ID.

The included elastic cummerbund is designed to be comfortable and functional. It consists of 4 cells per side that can be used to carry a variety of items including 5.56 and 7.62 magazines thanks to its elastic construction.

Stay tuned as we dive deep on the APTUM over the coming weeks. You can check out the APTUM and its expanding suite of accessories at

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