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Tactical Handyman – Kit Badger Edition: Make Your Own Inner Belt

Today’s Tactical Handyman post comes to us from Ivan at, which has quickly become one of my favorite new outdoor and tactical gear review sources.


When solutions are not provided, do we go without, or innovate…?  For a number of years I had been disappointed with the lack of true low profile under/inner belts.  Backpacking, without some way of keeping your pants in place, results inevitably in the waist belt of your pack pushing your pants down.  Running around kitted up with a battle belt has the same results.

What does the Tactical Market offer us?  Buckles, stiff webbing, and a outer cover of male velcro ready to abrade jackets.  And the Outdoor Market?  Internal belts or sizing tabs (both with buckles) and usually really thin webbing.  And lets not forget that I might not want to wear a $299 pair of Gamma MX pants today.

So with a 1.75” wide piece of fairly light webbing, 12” of female velcro and 5” of male velcro…  I have the Inner Belt.  Anything with belt loops will be kept in place, no buckles to stack, no hot spots on the trail or the range…

Ivan is a Marine and Air Force veteran, a former police officer, a former security contractor, a Baja 1000 racer, a shooter, and a lifelong outdoorsman. You can find his outdoor and tactical gear reviews at and the Kit Badger YouTube channel.

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