Hard Ready Brand Launches Pre-Order for The Stubby

Hard Ready Brand is clearly making a name for themselves in the realm of affordable but practical fixed blade knives. Their HR1 (see our review) has shown that they have a knack for balancing priorities to deliver an affordable knife with important features that stand out at any price point… and it appears that they have done it again.

The Stubby, the first in a series of knives named for dogs that served in war, is available for pre-order now. As you would expect from Hard Ready Brand, the spec sheet is incredible at the price point.

The Stubby features a full tang construction from 3/16″ thick D2 steel. The 3″ long spear point blade has a tall flat grind and swedge grind resulting in a tip that is both well supported and acute enough for piercing cuts. The handles feature bolsters and thick, textured G-10 slabs.

The sheath, specifically the clip on the sheath, is an area that really sets Hard Ready Brand apart. The sheath included with the Stubby features the same type of centerline clip found on the HR1 meaning this can be carried with or without a belt. This clip is a great example of what Hard Ready Brand does that no one else is doing in this space. They understand how to actually make a functional sheath which is all but unheard of at this price point.

The Stubby is available for pre-order now for $84.99 until Christmas Day. Once the pre-sale ends, this will still be a sub-$100 knife.

Learn more about the knife and its namesake at HardReadyBrand.com


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