UltiClip Teases New Tuckable Clip

UltiClip is teasing a new holster clip. The new clip has UltiClip’s well-known, tenacious camming action but it is mounted on a “U” shaped arm that makes the clip tuckable. The clip is expected to be available on September 1st.

Keep an eye on UltiClip.com for details.

2 Responses to UltiClip Teases New Tuckable Clip

  1. Nero August 17, 2021 at 10:32 #

    Can’t wait…..need to upgrade out of some ghetto clips.

  2. Silence DoGood August 18, 2021 at 09:31 #

    I prefer IWB holsters that use the Ulti-Clip (such as the HAWG) because they fasten the holster to the waist band of my trousers rather than clipping over the belt, which is how most IWB holsters are secured. I dislike clips that fasten over (or sometimes under) the belt because they are exposed whenever your belt is. And to anyone familiar with the majority of CCW holsters, this is a clear indication that you’re carrying.

    When I first held one in my hand it hit me that I’d seen this design before. The Ulti-Clip is a simple cam-over fastener, just like the clasp on the end of your grandfather’s suspenders (or men’s or ladies’ garters), only considerably beefed up:

    IMHO, it’s a brilliant adaptation of an old design.

    The Ulti-Clip, holding up Grandpa’s pants since 1894.

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