Hobo Tactical Hobo Sack

A sap is really a simple thing that doesn’t have to be very structured. Saps really only have two necessary components – a weight and a flexible container to hold the weight. The weight can be just about anything hard and heavy. The container should be strong enough to hold the weight and stand up to impact. If you simplify and deconstruct a sap to this level, you can end up with something as unassuming as a leather sack… You end up with something like the Hobo Sack from Hobo Tactical.

There are a number of discreet saps available but I don’t know of any as unassuming and low-profile than the Hobo Sack. It a pouch with a purposeful shape that is made from 4 oz buckskin leather with a heavy duty YKK zipper. It is just a durable, flexible pouch, that you can use to store anything, and that is the simple genius of it. It is really only intent that turns it into a time-proven and effective defensive weapon.

Hobo Tactical makes the Hobo Sack in extremely limited runs and in all kinds of colors and themes. They are released in drops periodically. If you want one, your best bet is to follow them on Instagram (@hobotactical) to be kept up to date on the drops. They typically sell out in seconds.


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