Chase Tactical Elastic Tourniquet Holder

The Chase Tactical Elastic Tourniquet Holder was designed as a simplistic universal tourniquet holder, that allows it to easily attach to almost any plate carrier on the market.  The ETH uses 4″ elastic for retention and has a hook and loop panel built in so it can be secured to almost any piece of gear that uses hook and loop.

It’s simplistic design makes it lightweight, durable and ergonomically functional to ensure you always have a tourniquet at the ready.  The ETH was designed around the most commonly used tourniquets (CAT, SOFT-T, and TAC-T).  With our dual hook/loop flap, there is nowhere our ETH wont mount; under your shoulder pad, cummerbund flap, admin pocket, and more.

ETH Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Berry Compliant
  • Mil-Spec elastic retention sleeve capable of retaining CAT, SOFT-T, and TAC-T Tourniquets
  • Simplistic ergonomically functional design
  • Hook/Loop Velcro for any surface attachment
  • Universal Fit

MSRP $16.95

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