Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ MICRO X AK Chest Rig

The APTUM™ MICRO X AK by Beez Combat Systems is designed to work with either a micro chest rig or plate carrier placard to carry AK47 magazines on an extreme modular level. The APTUM™ line by Beez Combat Systems is always evolving to meet user demands on the market so the APTUM™ MICRO X AK is designed to work directly with the APTUM™ plate carriers via the large rear hook Velcro field  (6″ x 9.5″) as well as other modular plate carriers available on the market.

To allow the wearer additional ease while transitioning from a micro chest rig to a plate carrier placard the APTUM™ MICRO X AK is designed to support First Spear™ field replaceable male TUBES as well as four field replaceable buckles. The drop down attachments can also be interchanged to support either buckles or G Hooks as well. This allows the wearer ease of attachment to a plate carrier placard if already running buckles or ease of attachment while utilizing G Hooks with laser cut plate carriers.

The APTUM™ MICRO X AK comfortably secures three AK47 magazines of any style right into place directly in the center of the micro chest rig. The front pockets are 4″ deep and 4.25″ wide with a 1.5″ depth. The front flaps are located directly on the front of the micro chest rig and are both adjustable and/or removable allowing the wearer as much modularity as possible.  Included with all of these features is also one double elastic pistol magazine insert allowing the operator the ability to secure common pistol magazines into place.

Finally, Beez Combat Systems designed the APTUM™ MICRO X AK with a 2″ adjustable H-Harness with laser cut attachment and routing but this feature can also be upgraded to the Beez Combat Systems Padded Harness. As well as the APTUM™ MICRO X AK comes equipped with a 1″ wide adjustable waist strap that can also be upgraded to the Beez Combat Systems CRMB, Chest Rig MOLLE Belt. The CRMB allows the wearer additional real estate space for carrying additional items or gear.

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