Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision – Featured Product at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has released the details of their latest featured product – the Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision.

  • The Adjustable Bag Rider (ABR) replaces the need for expensive, heavy, and bulky adjustable front rests and wobbly monopods.
  • It is the only bolt-on enhancement that provides vertical adjustment while providing horizontal stability without requiring positional body changes.
  • Installation is simple, quick and you never need to remove the ABR.
  • The ABR is made locally and assembled in the USA out of the highest quality American Aluminum, CNC made and anodized for superior water resistance.
  • The custom dowels come in either hardened alloy steel or stainless steel and ride in linear bearings for consistent smooth operation.
  • A custom-designed SS Thumb Wheel rides in two Delrin thrust washers that are known for their strength and creep resistance giving you unequaled ease in vertical adjustment in micro intervals.
  • Designed to work with a rear bag and any bag or sand sock can be used – but a bag with ears works best.

The Adjustable Bag Rider is available for the following chassis:

  • MDT buttstock & Chassis
  • Ruger Precision Rifle
  • Tikka T3x TAC A1
  • Christensen MPR
  • MPA Chassis
  • Coming soon for the Magpul PRS Gen3 and the XLR Chassis

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