Hinder Group – Exotic Tactical Gear

Authentic exotic skins for your daily gunfight

That’s the motto at Hinder Group and it does a good job of giving you a taste of what they make. They take run of the mill tactical gear and turn it into something special.

Do you want a hook backed rifle round carrier accented with ostrich? They make it. How about an MOLLE compatible tourniquet carrier in alligator? They make that too. In fact, they make a number of tactical gear items like sling retention devices, various ammo carriers, and TQ carriers that are completely bespoke with your choice of exotic leather.

Hinder Group’s gear is genuinely attractive and very unique. Their prices are more reasonable that you are probably thinking. Check out their offerings at Hinder.Group.

One Response to Hinder Group – Exotic Tactical Gear

  1. Jack Griffin January 9, 2021 at 07:21 #

    Exactly what demographic is this aimed at? Lord Humungous’ wasteland gang?

    First guy seen in the team room with this stuff is gonna be laughed off the job.

    I mean, if you’re going to go Full Exotic, we’re going to need full leather kit.

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