Sneak Peek: New ALPC Cummerbund and Side Plate Pouches from Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics gave us a preview of coming attractions. They are continuing to build up their line of modular options and accessories for their ALPC. The next accessories to be released will be a new PALS cummerbund that will be offered as an alternative to the current elastic cummerbund and a new side plate pocket. The cummerbund is laser cut to be fully MOLLE compatible and maintains the Tubes closure of the ALPC.

They have also developed a new side plate carrier that is compatible with both the current and new PALS cummerbund options. Gadsden Dynamics states that they spent a lot of time designing a side plate pouch that is as minimalist as it can be (as with all their gear) while still being able to bear the weight of the plate.

The new cummerbund and side plate pockets for the ALPC should be available within a week.

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