Gadsden Dynamics Minimalist Assault Chest Rig – Launching Today!

Gadsden Dynamics will launch their newest chest rig, the Minimalist Assault Chest Rig, today. It obviously shares DNA with Gadsden Dynamics’ popular Underground Partisan chest rig but this is designed to carry a “more comprehensive loadout”.

The chest rig features elastic rifle magazine pouches like the flagship Underground Partisan Chest Rig but with the addition of pistol magazine pouches on the front of each rifle mag pouch. These pouches lay mostly flat when not in use and can accept a variety of items like pistol mags, flashlights, multitools, and similar.

The H-harness is fully removable and it has hook material on the back so that the chest rig can be clipped into a plate carrier to serve as a magazine placard.

The new Minimalist Assault Chest Rig will be available to purchase this evening:

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