Carbon Tactics Cipher Belt

The prolific kickstarter kings of belts, Carbon Tactics, is at it again. They have created and launched a number of successful belts and buckle technologies over the years and their latest is the Cipher.

The Cipher features a buckle that uses the geometry of the latching surfaces and magnets to basically latch itself. This has been a hallmark of a handful of Carbon Tactics belts and it makes donning and removing the belt a snap. The Cipher goes a step further by adding a dial that locks or unlocks the belt for micro-adjustment with a quick spin.

The buckle is machined, in-house, from aluminum and given a number of finishes based on user preference. The belt itself is also available with a number of options including single or double layers of scuba webbing as well as a hybrid biothane option.

Carbon Tactics has launched this belt on Kickstarter. They are just a few days into the campaign and have already fully funded which is typically for them given their track record of delivering these crowd-funded projects.

Click here to learn more: Cipher on Kickstarter

2 Responses to Carbon Tactics Cipher Belt

  1. HJ February 11, 2020 at 18:55 #

    Hello JTK, I know you are an outdoors guy. What do you think the magnet in this belt buckle will do when you brace your compass on your centerline and take an azimuth? I’ll pass.

    Love your site BTW!

    • Matt February 11, 2020 at 19:22 #

      Thanks for the kind words and the comment!

      That could be a concern but I suspect it wouldn’t be an issue for the way I use a compass. I always test gear with my compass before using it – especially gear I’ll carry in my HPG Kit Bag. However, anchor my compass lanyard on my center line and then extend it out as far as the lanyard will allow. This improves my accuracy and reduces the influence of my gear on my compass. Even with a dense steel handgun on my chest, I’ve never seen any influence on the compass needle.

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