ShivWorks Clinch Pick 2.0

ShivWorks has updated the Clinch Pick with the introduction of the Clinch Pick 2.0. Per Craig Douglas of ShivWorks:

So what is this? Well…it’s an evolved Clinch Pick. Rather than introduce a ton of new products we prefer to evolve and refine what we have. From the first CPs that were made one constant was end users asking for thicker handle scales. As the scales got thicker over the years, some people reported that the CP had become to round and subjectively didn’t feel as stable. To correct this, our good friend Ban Tang Knives developed a thicker flattened scale on his custom CPs that was also textured. After working through the details with Ban, we took his idea to our manufacturer and behold, the 2.0. The 2.0 also features a much improved sheath that has corrected the overmolding issue. These are the best CPs we’ve put out to date and I’m personally super happy with the way they came out. If you want one, and I know you do, drop Shannon an email at ShivWorks Products Group and get your’s before this run sells out!

The sheath updates might be the most exciting of the 2.0 improvements as it appears to be a very serviceable sheath right out of the box. The sheath on the previous version left a little to be desired and many users sought aftermarket options. If the new sheath is functional, it could make this production version of the Clinch Pick an even better value than the already solid value that the original version was.

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