Forget Black Friday. It’s a Tiger Stripe Friday Sale at OC Tactical and the New Stocking is Here

Tiger Stripe is the new black. OC Tactical is offering 15% off everything on their site through 12/2/19. Use code TIGER STRIPE to save. They carry a wide array of tactical, outdoor, and EDC gear in addition to all the tactical gear that they sew in-house so browse around when you visit the site!

If you have been following OC Tactical over the years, you know they have a very cool Christmas tradition. They release a yearly Christmas stocking and I am not talking about some weird, off-shore manufactured “tactical stocking” abomination. They release a hand made stocking that features a rare or historic camo pattern and is often made from original fabrics. These are true collector’s items.

This year’s stocking features Genuine TSP Desert Tiger Stripe pattern fabric. Like previous year’s stockings, it is lined with Litelok material and features a loop field for patches. This is the fifth stocking in the series and it will be somewhat limited.

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