MarqTac Handgun Barrel Lock (HBL)

Learn more about the MarqTac HBL, a new RFID based quick-access gun lock that is coming to market…


The Handgun Barrel Lock (HBL) is a handgun locking system that utilizes RFID technology to prevent unauthorized use, while allowing users to quickly unlock and load their handgun.


As the only self-contained smart lock to incorporate RFID technology, MarqTac’s mission is to reduce the number of unlocked firearms in households, helping to prevent unauthorized or accidental use. The HBL provides users a safe and effective means to secure their handgun, anytime, anywhere. It’s compact size makes it easily transportable compared to bulky cases or safes. The use of RFID technology means the user only needs to have their RFID tag with them to quickly unlock and load their firearm.


  • Designed for modularity: Accommodates 9mm, .40 cal, .45 ACP and multiple barrel lengths (5 in or less)  
  • Unlocks in 1 second or less: Using consumer choice of RFID Tag(s)- Card, Ring or Bracelet
  • Tamper resistant: Designed to exceed CA DOJ standards for firearm locks
  • Battery life: Greater than 1 year using off the shelf batteries
  • Secure mechanical override: For situations with a dead battery or miss placed RFID Tag
  • Designed ambidextrous use: Both left and right handed shooters can operate the HBL
  • Focused on Convenience: The HBL is compact and portable, ideal for night stands or vehicles
  • Launch Timing: Pre-orders beginning November 2019 with first products shipped to backers late 2020

One Response to MarqTac Handgun Barrel Lock (HBL)

  1. Gerard November 1, 2019 at 21:55 #

    No Thanks, I dont want one

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