HoodRat Arts and Crafts – Upcoming Delta2Alpha Design Course

Delta2Alpha Design, one of the minds behind the Omni Sheath, has a HoodRat Arts and Crafts course coming up in Ensenada, CA on Nov 30 through Dec 1, 2019. This course is basically the method behind something like the Omni Sheath with students learning to weaponize commonly available items and carry them safely.

Course Outline:

*Omni Sheath*- in the realm of improvised weapons the least discussed, and most important topic is how to carry the item in a way that is safe and secure, while allowing for fast and consistent deployment.

*How to make and modify found Items*

*Building sheaths for different Items, and their considerations.-trainers-examples of live options – improvisations

*How to carry and deploy:

  • Where? 
  • How?
  • Why?

*Working in the entangled fight-controlling managing the threat through position-managing the threat while armed or unarmed-preventing your tool from being controlled

*Further Application-the player’s previous knowledge will be honed as well as giving some new approaches

***This course is an absolute must for those that travel***

You can register for the course by contacting the host, @mercmotorcycle, on Instagram. You can also learn more at @delta2alphadesign on Instagram.

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