2019 Update of the Wndsn Grouping-to-MOA Converter

From shot groupings to MOA in one piece-of-string operation with the Wndsn Grouping-to-MOA Converter.

A tool for training and practice, the Wndsn Grouping-to-MOA Converter enables the user to take out the guess work of calculating shot grouping MOA, thereby eliminating mental calculation errors. The device is based on the same principle as other Wndsn instruments, a nomogram; a graphical calculator that requires two inputs (here the grouping in cm or inch and the range distance in m or yd) to compute the output, namely the grouping in MOA. It works by entering the shot grouping and the range distance and read the resulting MOA, all by aligning the provided string across the three scales.

The Grouping-to-MOA converter provides different range scales on the front and on the back of the device respectively; the front is suited from 0 to 100 yards and the back set of scales is suited for 100 to 600 yards (or meters, respectively).

The updated, redesigned version of our Grouping-to-MOA Converter model for 2019 features standardized scales, and higher precision in input and output. It comes with a printed manual with instructions in German & English.

Ongoing research and development of scale layouts allowed us to increase the precision by a factor of 10 in some areas of the logarithmic scale. In addition, the new version of the tool is laser-engraved in acrylic, and hence more robust than the former, printed model. Like all other Wndsn instruments, the Grouping-to-MOA converter is Made in Germany.

The Grouping-to-MOA converter is available at:

Wndsn range tools are available at:

Wndsn’s Applied Science Lab, based in Berlin, develops and manufactures that which can’t be improvised; measurement, navigation, and surveying instruments informed by the motto “Ex Mensura, Scientia” — knowledge from measurement.

Wndsn produces archival quality products that are designed with intent by combining techniques proven over centuries; arcane science meets cutting edge contemporary methods, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility designs. 

In addition to custom-built instruments and tools, metrology & illumination solutions, Wndsn creates expedition mementos and morale patches to celebrate cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the Renaissance. Wndsn morale patches are acutely designed — no line is left to randomness, no element is mere filler. They serve as infographics, how-tos for the Wndsn tools, magic sigils, as well as functional markers.

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