Hater Holsters

Finding Hater Holsters on Instagram yesterday was a highlight of my day. They are obviously having fun with their company as you can tell from their tagline: “We only make holsters for Hi Points. Holster maker to the poors.”

That’s right. They only make holsters for Hi Points. To be more exact, they make the Mullet IWB and OWB and Hipster IWB and OWB holsters for Hi Points. They come in a variety of colors and off-the-wall prints that make it obvious that Hater Holsters doesn’t take itself too seriously.

All the self-aware jokes are great but it should also be noted Hater Holsters is serving a really underserved portion of the handgun market and that the Mullet IWB has the hallmarks of a quality, modern kydex holster. The holster appears to be vacuum pressed on a machined form. It achieves excellent mold definition and blocking. This is a serious holster at an affordable price (as low as $30).

If you own a Hi Point, you need to check out HaterHolsters.com.

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