Texas to Decriminalize Knucks

That title could have read, “Texas to Decriminalize Small Pieces of Material with Holes in Them.”

Brass knuckles or knucks, as they are often referred to when they are designed for just single or two finger use, are a simple thing – just a chunk of metal (or wood, or leather, or micarta, or…) with a hole or holes in it. However, they are a ton of fun to collect in the same way people collect knives or other handmade items because makers riff on that simple theme in so many ways.

The simplicity of something like a knuck also highlights how ludicrous it is to ban such an item that is so easily made or improvised, yet many states do. Texas law currently prohibits processing, transporting, and selling brass knuckles but that will change on September 1st when the newly signed HB 446 will take effect. HB 446 will remove brass knuckles from the prohibited weapon list.

Texans, congratulations on taking back even just a small amount of your freedom. It’s time to start window shopping for knucks!

Hat tip to reader 1 with a Bullet for the kick in the pants on this story.

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