Affordable, USA Made Push Button Sling Swivels at IWC

A long time ago, I bought my first two QD sling swivels for the lowest price I could find which was around $14 each. Those swivels turned out to be absolute garbage. They were so bad, that they rocked noticeably in some sockets and wouldn’t lock into others at all. I learned quickly to buy quality swivels which usually means making sure they are made in the USA since there aren’t usually any branding marks on them to indicate a quality manufacturer.

For several years now, I have just purchased my swivels at Impact Weapons Components. They sell USA made, LMT swivels for $11.35 in a world where most other retailers are charging $15 or more. I get most of my sling mounts at IWC too so it just works out to pick up the swivels at the same time. Although, I usually have a small tray of swivels purchased from IWC in my firearms specific tool box so that I always have them when I need them.

Push Button QD Swivels at

Note: The “TRIGGERJERK” discount code does not work on these as they are not made by IWC. It still applies to all items actually made in house by IWC.

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