Empire Outfitters Naga

The Empire Outfitters Naga Knife is now available. It is a compact defensive knife that ticks all the right boxes.

The Naga is 5.75″ long and has a 2.5″ blade which keeps it legal in most jurisdictions. It is ground from AEB-L stainless steel. It has somewhat Persian style blade with a sweeping edge and a wicked point.

The handle offers a thin but aggressive grip thanks to the handle treatment. It wrapped with cord and then soaked in resin. The result is a handle that is grippy, resilient, and lightweight.

The Naga comes with a great sheath and is ready to carry right out of the box. It it well suited to a variety of center-line carry methods like inside the waist band or running it horizontally in the belt loops.

The entire package weighs just 2.2 ounces including the sheath! For shooters who are looking for a defensive knife to complement their carry gun without weighing them down, this may be just the ticket. It is also relatively affordable for a knife with these features.


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