Memorial Day 2019

It can be easy to lose grasp of the real meaning of Memorial Day. Between the day off work, the cook outs, the parties, the commercial form of patriotism that is displayed by retailers, and just a general misunderstanding of who this day honors… it is no wonder people have lost track.

Many towns have a memorial statue, garden, plaque, or monument to honor veterans who have passed away in service tot heir nation somewhere in a park or near a government building. My family and I have found that visiting one of these sites and reading the names can make real the concept that actual people, from our own community, have given their lives for this nation.

Consider dropping by your community’s memorial with your family before you start grilling.

One Response to Memorial Day 2019

  1. JORDAN COULSON May 27, 2019 at 14:31 #

    Thank you.

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