TOPS Knives Launches Dicer Kitchen Knives: Dicer 3 and 8

The 2nd knife to be designed through TOPS’ employee design contest is also TOPS’ first official kitchen knife. The 8” chef’s knife was designed by TOPS’ photographer and graphics manager Jesus Arellano. It has more belly than you might normally expect from a chef’s knife, which makes a unique and functional kitchen tool. Of course, since you can’t have only one knife in the kitchen, the Dicer will eventually be offered with many different knives to make it a complete set. Right now, the 2 most essential knives are available, the Dicer 8 Chef and the Dicer 3 Paring. Premium steel – CPM S35VN – and handles – blue and black G10 – provide a kitchen tool that will be passed down from generation to generation much like hunting knives are passed from father to son.

Pick up the Dicers from a TOPS authorized dealer or from TOPS at

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