Mission Spec has just released the first look at their new LOMOP™ (Large Or Multiple Operator Platecarrier).  At first it appears to be just another large plate carrier but when you see it to scale against a ‘normal’ carrier you will come to one of two conclusions.  Either Mission Spec is gearing up for a genetically engineered super soldier program or someone has been thinking outside of the box.

When asked, the project leader cleared things up. “Other companies are producing stand-alone armor solutions to protect multiple team members at once.  We are attacking the problem from another angle.  From scale, really.  Why invent a new solution when you can simply scale up what you already have?”

While it looks as if it was designed for one huge shooter, “Which is always an option if the world ever gets it’s genetic engineering priorities right.” Added the same project leader, the LOMOP is designed to house two operators at once.  One shooter supports a single oversized shoulder strap with another shooter doing the same on the opposite side.  At anytime the LOMOP can be rested on the floor and utilized as a fighting position.

Dignitary protection will also find the LOMOP useful. Imagine a scenario where a VIP has just been recovered from hostile force.  The LOMOP can completely envelope the principle while an operator on either side (still under cover) can fight and move to egress.

Currently there is no level 4 armor insert available to fit the LOMOP but Mission Spec is working on that problem now. “We have contacted many armor producers, but they all seem to think it is a joke and hang up laughing before we can explain the benefits.  Some people in this industry have no ability to look forward to the future.”  The project leader remarked.

Look for the LOMOP to start deploying to teams in Q3 of 2019. This will be an ITAR item.


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