Hill People Gear Longhouse Instructional Series

It can be extremely difficult to find backcountry travel advice that works for me. Much of the prominent outdoor gear advice outlets have been hijacked by ultralight hikers. I actually like ultralight gear and appreciate their minimalist approach. However the gear and skills necessary for ultralight through-hiking on established, well traveled trails often has little to do with backcountry travel on remote, unsupported trails or off trail completely.

I like to find a handful of sources that I can trust as a starting point for my own skill and gear acquisitions. The Hill brothers at Hill People Gear have become one of those sources. They share their knowledge on a few different venues but one of the easiest to consume is the Longhouse Instructional Series on YouTube.

The series is available in a handy playlist that I came across this morning when looking for their Land Nav video to share with a friend. I highly suggest this series for anyone who is looking to improve or validate their outdoor skills and gear.

Hill People Gear: Longhouse Instructional Series Playlist


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