Alpha One Niner EVADE 2.0

My favorite EDC/travel/office backpack of all time is now bigger and better than ever. Alpha One Niner is now offering the EVADE 2.0 which boasts several new features and some additional internal volume over the original EVADE.

There are a ton of new features and I highly suggest you watch the video below to see them all. The highlights include new modular components like a beavertail, hip belt, hook backed admin organizers. The packs also has a deeper main compartment and a new integrated luggage handle pass-through. The new flatter shoulder straps and compression straps are also an improvement over the original.

The EVADE 2.0 is available in a number of color and fabric options. Your choice of two admin organizers is included.

Check out the EVADE 2.0 at

One Response to Alpha One Niner EVADE 2.0

  1. Ironbound Concepts February 6, 2019 at 03:00 #

    Best option is beaver-tail.

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