Mossberg MC1sc – Compact 9mm Handgun

Mossberg just took the wraps off a new striker-fired handgun design, the MC1sc. This compact handgun, chambered in 9mm, is built for the concealed carry market.

The MC1sc has some interesting features like clear polymer magazines, dove tail sights, and a flat profile trigger. Mossberg claims that it has “superior ergonomics” thanks to a comfortable grip with aggressive texture. Perhaps the most interesting feature is Mossberg’s “Safe Takedown System” that requires the user to completely remove the striker assembly in order to take down the MC1sc.

Mossberg will offer the MC1sc in four versions:

Check out the new MC1sc at

2 Responses to Mossberg MC1sc – Compact 9mm Handgun

  1. HSR47 January 6, 2019 at 03:20 #

    “Safe takedown system, which requires you to remove the striker…”

    Yeah, that looks an awful lot like a Glock striker assembly, which can ALSO be removed with the slide installed, and which would then negate the need to pull the trigger to disassemble the pistol.

    This isn’t innovation; they’re just calling something no sane person would generally do a “safety feature” in order to please their lawyers.

  2. Bark McDog January 6, 2019 at 08:44 #

    Related: The same folks that cry about the Glock requiring a trigger pull to disassemble are the same folks that prefer an empty chamber in their holster.

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