The ONE Pistol from Gear Head Works

Gear Head Works, makers of the Tailhook stabilizer brace, have a new project in the works. The ONE Pistol is a compact bolt-action pistol that is designed to serve as a compact hunting firearm or suppressor host.

The ONE starts as a virgin Model 7 action. The action is barreled and placed in an aluminum chassis with a folding mechanism, AR pistol-like extension, and Tailhook brace. There is currently only one chambering available – 300BLK – and feeding is accomplished via .223 AICS pattern magazines (10 round magazine is included). This basic package weighs in at under 6 pounds and will set you back $1500.

Gear Head Works will offer a number of custom options beyond the basic configuration described above. Options include a number of colors, barrel fluting, grip upgrades, and more.

The first run of the ONE Pistol is already sold out. Keep an eye on for the next run.

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