Last Line of Defense Holsters for Olight PL-MINI with Charger Access

Kit Badger recently reviewed the Olight PL-MINI, a compact weapon light that features a magnetic charger. The PL-MINI seems to have some promise as an EDC weapon light and its charger makes it easy to keep the light topped off. However, like any new lights, holster options can be limited. To further complicate things, the PL-MINI’s magnetic charge capability just begs for a holster that allows charging without removing the handgun…

Last Line of Defense is now offering their Associate V2 for the PL-MINI and the design includes access for the magnetic charger. The charger may be attached and detached without taking the gun out of the holster. Even if this type of appendix holster with attach magazine carrier is not your cup of tea, it is nice to see that, once again, kydex benders are coming up with clever ways to support new tech.

Visit Last Line of Defense: LLOD.US

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