Bravo Concealment Cinturon Gun Belt

Bravo Concealment has released their newest accessory – the Cinturon Gun Belt.

From Bravo Concealment:

Whether you’re a person who carries concealed on a daily basis or somone who casually goes out to the range on the weekends, the Cinturon Gun Belt will deliver. Made of a high quality scuba webbing Nylon the Cinturon Gun Belt is a solid belt that is “rigid” enough to carry your EDC (Every Day Carry) but comfortable enough to wear it all day long with no Issues.

The buckle is made out of a high Alloy steel and the belt release is made out of durable stainless steel. This ensures a solid lock on the position you choose to run the Cinturon.

Your Cinturon Gun Belt comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers anything that affects the functionality and or usability of the belt. This can include tears or rips on your belt and includes damage to your belt buckle.

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