OC Tactical Restocks Rhodesian Camo Stockings

OC Tactical makes a limited run of rare or historically important camo stockings every year. They are a great collectors piece for camo nerds. These stockings are finely made with original fabrics or meticulous reproduction fabric, lined with LITELOK fabric, and a loop field for adding patches. They are not adorned with useless PALS webbing, zippered pockets, D-rings are anything like that because the camo is the focus.

They made a Rhodesian Camo stocking for 2016 from a special run of reproduction material that was very scarce. That stocking sold quickly but the have been able to build a few more which are now available to purchase in time for Christmas. Visit the OC Tactical website to purchase: OC Tactical

I should also note that you will not want to miss this year’s stocking which will be unveiled VERY soon. The camo is very cool and very rare.

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