Maxim Defense M-RAX Attachment System

St. Cloud, MN – Maxim Defense is pleased to announce that our new M-RAX™ Picatinny M-Slot Rail Sections featuring our M-RAX™attachment system are now available for purchase through Rainier Arms and will soon be available through the rest of our dealer network. With our new M-RAX attachment system, installation and removal is a breeze. Thanks to the spring-loaded screws, the M-RAX™ system removes mounting frustrations. Simply push the screw in with a standard hex tool and rotate 90 degrees. The locking lugs engage that easily. No more fighting or timing screws. Just push, turn, and tighten.

Unlike the traditional M-Slot mounting systems, M-RAX™ utilizes the full slot of your rail, maximizing space. This makes the M-RAX™ system end-to-end stackable, giving you the option to create seamless monolithic rail sections where needed.

The Patent Pending spring loaded universal interface system eliminates the need to adjust the gap between the T-Nut and accessory to match the thickness of the mounting surface. Simply use the supplied hex key to push the spring loaded hardware through the M-slot, twist 90 degrees to engage, release tension and then tighten normally.

M-RAX™Picatinny Rail Sections will be available in both Black and FDE in the following configurations.


2 • M-Slot (3.145”) / 1.54oz

3 • M-Slot (4.720”) / 2.31oz

4 • M-Slot (6.295”) / 3.09oz

5 • M-Slot (7.870”) / 3.87oz

6 • M-Slot (9.445”) / 4.62oz

The M-RAX™ attachment system will be available for licensing so look for many M-Slot accessories coming from other manufacturers featuring the M-RAX™ system. For more information regarding the M-RAX™attachment system, please go to or shoot us an email at

Rainier Arms is offering a pre-order of both BLACK and FDE M-RAX™ picatinny sections in all 5 lengths right now. Be the first to get your hands on the newest awesomeness from Maxim Defense!

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