Arbor Arms Tradesman Multi-Role Pack

Arbor Arms just released their Tradesman Multi-Role Pack. Those of you with a long memory will no doubt recognize the resemblance of this pack to the Ares Armor XII Combat Pack. There is good reason for that. The new Tradesman was designed by the same gear designer and it offers a number of improvements.

In basic terms, the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack is an assault pack. It is designed to carry items like spare ammo, medical kit, hydration packs, and more. What differentiates the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack from other assault packs is a host of modular accessories and easy, external access to the magazines.

Like the Combat XII Pack before it, the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack has integrated magazine pouches that are accessible from outside the pack. These can be configured with bungee retainers, individual accessory flaps, or a single large accessory flap for use with LMG magazines. The magazine pouches can accept 5.56, 7.62, and various AK magazines in addition to blowout kits when used with the accessory flaps.

The Tradesman can be docked directly to a plate or armor carrier with one of two methods depending on the type of carrier used. It also has simple straps for use as a stand-along pack and optional enhanced strap pads that make it more comfortable to carry as a stand-alone pack.

The sides of the Tradesman pack can accept a number of accessories that extend the functionality of the pack. There are accessory Multi-Function Pouches that may be used for carrying more ammo or other items. Cinch Straps may be purchased and used to secure long items to the side of the pack. Arbor Arms will also offer a Breacher’s Quiver specifically for carrying a breaching shotgun on the side of the pack.

This pack has a ton of features. You can see additional images and learn more at

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