Sneak Peek: Zulu Bravo Roach Belly Sheath

What if there was a well vetted self defense knife that was light weight, allowed for variety of grips, and only cost around $15 (and often much less) from a variety of retailers? That would be handy to know about… but there is a catch. The problem is that, like most knives, it comes with a sheath that is barely useful.

Well, the knife is the Cold Steel Roach Belly (less than $12 on Amazon – Roach Belly on Amazon) and the fix for the sheath comes by way of Zulu Bravo Kydex. They will be adding a number of new sheaths, including one for the Roach Belly, to their website this summer with the intent of keeping them in stock so they are always ready to order.

The sheath will have the standard rivet pattern to allow use of all the best belt hardware and clips (sheath shown with Discreet Carry Options Mod 4 Clip). It is carefully trimmed around the grip area to allow the user to establish a full grip right out of the sheath. The slim, fold-over style sheath should work in a variety of carry positions including near the wearer’s centerline.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information. In the mean time, you can check out

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