Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling)

The use of a sling as a stabilization aid is becoming something of a lost art. That may start to change now that Magpul is rolling out the RLS – a simple, affordable shooting sling that functions somewhat like a Rhodesian sling but with the benefits of some modern materals.

From Magpul:

Building on the heritage and proven performance of Magpul’s MS Sling series, the Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is a durable, lightweight, and affordable shooting aid and retention device. What at first appears to be an unassuming weapon sling is quickly transformed by the end user into a rock-solid, adjustable, isometrically-tensioned shooting aid. Combining the best features of Rhodesian and 1907 match-style slings, the RLS is born of Magpul’s famous proprietary nylon mesh webbing and high-strength polymer hardware.

The American-made Magpul RLS combines legendary Magpul innovation, quality, and design into a simple and effective shooting aid for less money than many slings that merely carry a rifle. Available in BLK or COY.

Check out the RLS at

One Response to Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling)

  1. Joe May 12, 2018 at 03:53 #

    The audio sounds like this was recorded with a paper cup and a string.

    And too much hand waving.

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