Ace-High 1 Chest Rig from Western Ace

If you are looking for an affordable, minimalist chest rig that is made by hand here in the USA, check out the Ace-High 1 Chest Rig from Western Ace. I came across Western Ace on social media due to the following post that impressed me:

I want you to buy my gear, but I don’t want you going into debt to do so. Many of us in America have a spending problem, including our factions of government. Western Ace is a very small business & I do my best to provide hardworking people an excellent product, that is made in the USA with American materials, at a price that is fair for me & you. This may be bad for business, but I would rather do what I consider to be the right thing. So please, buy our gear when you can afford to do so & stay tuned for new stuff in the coming weeks. . . #westernace #chestrig #platecarrier #tacticalgear #tactical #taclife #magpul #ar15 #223 #556 #9mm #45acp #gunlife #2a #2amendment #molonlabe #igmilitia #donttreadonme #freedom #glock #glock19 #glock23 #pistol #gunfanatics #gunfanatic #pewpew #pewpewlife #pewpewpew #gunsofinstagram #gunsofig

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The chest rig shown in that post is the Ace-High 1 Chest Rig. This simple chest rig doesn’t have a lot of different pouches or features but the features that it does have are important. It features 3 open top magazine pouches with bungee retention and Haley Strategic MP2 insert compatibility. The mag pouches can accept a variety of magazines including AR-15 and AK-47 mags. The back of the Ace-High 1 features hook material and it can be docked on plate carriers with SwiftClip style attachment points.

Western Ace sells their products via Ebay: Ace-High 1 Chest Rig on Ebay

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