Bawidamann 2017 Titanium Utilitarian Christmas Ornaments

Surely I am not the only one who can’t eat a candy cane with turning the end down to a point and pretending its a shiv. Put me in bar fight with a handful of candy canes and I’ll stab my way out.

The mischievous Christmas Elves at Bawidamann Shenanigans gave a little sneak peek of their upcoming 2017 Titanium Utilitarian Christmas Ornaments and they are kind of like the pointy candy canes you make with your mouth except, you know… titanium. These would be perfect for shirt pocket carry to your office Christmas party in case Joe in Accounting has a bit too much Christmas “spirits” and gets handsy with your wife again this year.

These stabby ti candy canes are awesome and sure to sell out fast. If you want a shot at one, you better sign up for the Bawidamann Shenanigans newsletter and watch your inbox. UPDATE: These are available now and moving fast!

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