Snake Eater Tactical Armor Carrier Products

Snake Eater Tactical’s (SET) Plate Carriers are available again after a short hiatus. They came back with some new options and a several supporting products.

The SET Plate Carrier is now available with two pouch attachment options: Grid and MOLLE. Grid is proprietary to SET and consists of a series of small holes that can be used with standard paracord to attach pouches in nearly endless ways. The MOLLE version has a series of laser cut slots that are compatible with MOLLE pouches.

The Plate Carrier comes with the plate pouches and shoulder straps only so the purchaser can choose their own side closure method. SET offers a basic elastic cummerbund kit or a set of webbing straps.

Finally, SET is now offering The Rack Modular Pouch. This pouch is basically a chassis to be used with their elastic magazine inserts. It allows the user to configure a rack to their liking for docking on the SET Plate Carrier or any plate carrier with the industry standard SwiftClip attachments.

Check out all the Armor Carrier Products at Snake Eater Tactical:

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