V Seven Magnesium Hyper-Light AR308 Handguards

V Seven’s line of Magnesium Hyper-Light Handguards are now available for the AR308 with SR-25/DPMS pattern barrel nuts. The handguards are currently available in 13.5″ length with KeyMod and 15″ length with M-LOK. New lengths and combinations will be available soon.

Like their AR-15 counterparts, these handguards are manufactured from an aluminum and magnesium alloy that results in a roughly 30% weight reduction versus 6061 aluminum. They also feature the same ceramic like finish that is applied via a plasma deposition process and offers increased abrasion resistance versus hard anodization.

The 15″ M-LOK rail weighs in at under 7 ounces (+ 2 ounces for the barrel nut) and the 13.5″ KeyMod weighs in at just over 6 ounce (+ 2 ounces for the barrel nut).



One Response to V Seven Magnesium Hyper-Light AR308 Handguards

  1. Bob Solla November 8, 2017 at 15:02 #

    Just got mine in Monday!It doesn’t weigh anything and it awesome other than alignment for hand rail!

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