Beez Combat Systems Chest Rig Modifications for Ladies

The vast majority of JTT’s readership is male. As males, you have likely noticed that females are shaped differently that you are. Some ladies can have challenges getting items like chest rigs to work for their body shapes. If you would like the women in your life to train with you, having some gear that actually works for her might be a good first step.

Beez Combat Systems produced a series of videos that show the how some of the upgrades that they offer can make their chest rigs work better for female shooters. They recommend pull-forward lat straps to make the chest rig easier to adjust for ride hide and tightness around the chest. They also recommend their Chest Rig MOLLE Belt which is a padded replacement for the lower belt found on their chest rigs. It works well to make a loaded chest rig comfortable on a some lady’s shorter torso which can often lead to the chest rig riding down on the waist or hips.


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