Don’t Forget About Montana

Hurricane Harvey has brought unprecedented destruction to Texas. It is a terrible situation without a doubt. It is also terrible that it has overshadowed the current disaster taking place in Montana.

As I type this, I can literally smell wood smoke on the air. The sunlight coming in my windows is filtered a strange sickly yellow-orange color. My views of the mountains across the valley from my home are completely obscured… and I don’t even live in Montana. I don’t share that to complain. I share it to highlight the magnitude of is happening in Montana.

By BLM –, Public Domain,

Fire has already burned more than 500,000 acres. Thousands of structures have been destroyed or are threatened. People are displaced from their homes or are sick from the incredibly poor air quality. Historic structures like the Sperry Lodge in Glacier National Park have already been lost and Park Service is removing historic items from other lodges in case they are lost too.

Montana needs your prayers too and, if you are able, they need donations. Our family has been praying for Montana daily and we have donated to relief efforts in both Texas and Montana. My hope is that you will consider doing the same.

Montana Public Radio has a page that has compiled some of the ways you can donate: MTPR Donation Page. I strongly suggest that you research any and all charities before donating.

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